"a bold new chapter in Australian jazz". – Sydney Morning Herald

“The four members of Delay 45 have developed an approach to performing that is creative and individual…” - Loud Mouth

Delay 45 is a unique emerging Australian jazz voice led by award-winning trumpeter/composer Tom Avgenicos, featuring close collaborators Roshan Kumarage (piano), Dave Quinn (bass) and Ashley Stoneham (drums). Delay 45 play songs and connect them together through improvisation. The result is a fluid exchange between structure and spontaneity, creating an immersive listening experience that traverses various moods, colours and textures. Delay 45’s sound is built upon a deep understanding of each other's playing, stemming from their very first musical meetings in high school. This is evident in the way they respond and interact with one another. The group have quickly gained recognition among peers, critics and audiences for their debut release Big Ears, and will be releasing their 2nd album Flux in 2021.

Delay 45 were recipients of Sydney University’s ‘George and Margaret Henderson Scholarship’ which assisted them in an international tour of Europe where they performed and were mentored by some of the world’s finest musicians including Ralph Alessi, Matt Mitchell and Dave Binney.

The band members conceptualised Delay 45 after solving a logistical issue they faced at a concert whilst studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Having strict time restrictions meant that they had too much material for their allocated time slot. The band decided to segue songs and use composed material as a stimulus for collective improvisation, creating natural and interactive improvisatory moments that inspired a larger idea.

Delay 45 have been invited to perform at some of Australia's leading festivals and programs including the Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Sydney Improvised Music Association's (SIMA) Jazz:NOW Wired and Great Southern Nights.

Delay 45 moves beyond tired jazz forms, making way a more fluid and interconnected listening experience. The inherent connection between the performers is integral to their sound, and their shared improvisational language creates a truly unique voice amongst Australia’s most notable ensembles.